The Sandisk extreme portable SSD is probably the piece of equipment that has changed, or should I say affected my workflow more than anything I can think of since the switch over from film to digital all those years ago.

My single most hated aspect of photography is my rational fear (I’m not alone right?) of backing up my work. There is always that fear of the initial card failure (this hardly ever happens granted) but once through this stage I still have the fear of keeping the drive(s) they are stored on safe until I can get back to the studio and securely back everything up.

As a travel and location this becomes a pretty serious issue as there are inevitably times when you have to have the cards and drives all on you at the same time, or leave them somewhere all alone and vulnerable. I cant risk doing a whole shoot and loosing all that hard work of the early mornings and late nights spent shooting.

Sandisk extreme portable SSD compared in size to a toy car

This were the Sandisk extreme portable SSD comes in to its own. The build, size and durability means that I dont have to worry. Once the data is on the driv you can pretty much do anything to it. Drop, get it wet, throw it around or whatever really. I wouldn’t suggest you do any of these but good to know you can right?

I back up every image I shoot to two separate 1TB Sandisk extreme portable SSD so that for a period I have three copies. I leave the cards and one drive securely in the hotel (separate locations), the second drive is with me at all times. This is just in case something goes missing from the room. Its never happened to me but I know photographers it has happened to and I never want to be one of them. I use to have normal portable sata drives that were fragile and large so I would still run the risk of breaking them when out and about. With the Sandisk extreme portable SSD I just clip it to my belt or throw it in my day pack and I don’t need to worry about it all. The drives are so small that you wont even notice it being with you and all my precious work is as safe as possible.

The Sandisk extreme portable SSD is fast so my time spent backing up each day is only minutes. Especially valuable when its been a late night and you only have a few hours to rest before you are back up for sunrise. I can get a 32gb card backed up in roughly 3 minutes which is not bad at all.

The only aspect of this drive that lets it down is the very short cable. Great for laptop use but not so much for desktops. Being so short and small I could see it easily getting misplaced but that’s more my issue.

This SanDisk drive is hands-down one of the best external SSDs on the market and I would highly recommend it to other photographers. In the UK Amazon are currently offering the best prices. For more technical info on the drive its best to check it out on Sandisks site

All this does come at an expense compared to older Sata drives but then so do all SSDs and at what cost does piece of mind come at? SSDs are constantly dropping in price so i’m sure in a couple of years prices will drop. Don’t quote me on that though.

I hope you found this slightly different review of the Sandisk Extreme SSD helpful and if you have any questions or queries just let me know in the comments.

Jordan Banks is a full time travel & location photographer with over 20 years experience shooting high end content for both editorial and commercial clients. If you would like to discuss working with Jordan or would be interested in him reviewing your product please contact the studio and we will be happy to discuss.

The author’s review is completely honest and unbiased and based on first-hand impression and experience of the product. He has not been paid, received a discount or provided with Sandisk drives for the sake of this review.

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